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Hurricane Development Possibilities (aka waves)

From Billy Curry:El NiñoEl Niño conditions continue to amplify over the tropical Eastern Pacific. Ocean temperatures in the area 5°N - 5°S, 120°W -...

Fwd: You have received a new voicemail message

Here is the latest about Rain. She's doing much better. Hopefully, I'll be able to go tee her today.John

The turtle is eating

I just got a call. The turtle, who they've named "Rain" is getting stronger and started eating. She apparently loves mackerel. It's a...

C4 color palettes and board line

Thanks Dwight for finding this one:You can find the C4 color palettes at:http://www.c4waterman.com/about-c4/our-boards.html

Yolo girls vs the Coastal Urge Girls

Who will win? I saw Hook Line and Paddle girls circling Harbor Island on Monday night. Will there be a battle of the blondes?...

Rain, the rescue story

I rescued a sick turtle from Banks Channel this afternoon. She washaving trouble swimming and breathing. I dove in and swam her to myboard....

East Coast Paddleboard Championships

Three of us are driving to the 6.5 mile event in Florida this weekend. Anyone who wants to come along, email me at [email protected]

Bait Ball

]SUP Menhaden Vortexes at the North End on Vimeo.Menhaden vortexes spin in and out of the lineup. Brad, Jim and I surfed a perfect...

Surfers hope to wipe out cement plant

check out phil spraying brad jonesSurfers hope to wipe out cement plant by WWAYClick here to read more on our sitehttp://www.wwaytv3.com/video/surfers_hope_wipe_out_cement_plant/06

Rainy morning at Mase

I paddled over to Mase from the south end of WB this morning with the help of 15+ N winds. Even on the...


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