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Paddleboarder dies in flood waters in Escondido, Northeast of San Diego

Authorities are reporting that someone thought the floodwaters surging through the Escondio flood channel would present a thrill on a paddleboard. However, from the...

Video: Winter Down Wind in Virginia Beach from Steve Dullack

Steve Dullack and Peter Morgan scored some ideal conditions for one of their classic down wind runs in Virginia Beach. Along the coast. Southern...

Video: Bad Magic by Valkyrie Downwind

Moody downwind love on Valentine's Day Subscribe to Valkyrie Downwind on Youtube for their latest videos
Bay Bridge Challenge

Bay Bridge Challenge opens registration :: Event is on June 1, 2019

Date: June 1, 2019 Place: Sandy Point State Park Registration is now open on Paddle Guru with Early Bird Pricing through March 17th. Featuring: Friday clinics...

Video: Kai Lenny teaches Richard Branson how to Kite Foil

"Being able to show Richard Branson how to Kite Foil was my honor. Within a few minutes he was soaring across the bay making it look...
Crossing for a Cure 16-week Training Program - with Coach Seychelle

2019 Crossing for a Cure 16-week plan with Coach Seychelle

Seychelle's 16-week training program written specifically for paddlers participating in the Crossing for a Cure begins Monday 2/25! The cost is $250 for the...

Olivia Piana Outrigger Canoe Surf Anglet

Check out some moments of his first session with his new Woo Feline. Between beautiful colors and endless surf, don't forget that Olivia is...
Ignacio Soler Fabrevideo

Video:: Surfski trip in BC, Canada (Summer 2018) Beautiful!

Posted by Ignacio Soler Fabre on youtube. Music thanks to: https://www.sallywallick.com/ https://www.facebook.com/sallywallick... https://itunes.apple.com/ca/artist/sa... https://open.spotify.com/artist/7tkwK... https://soundcloud.com/sallywalick/ My social media profiles: FB: https://www.facebook.com/Seaward94/ IG: https://www.instagram.com/nachosoler94/ Proudly presented by...

Wild Buffalo Relay Raffle: To Benefit Ocean of Hope, Puakea Kahele OC1 to winner

Puakea Designs is stoked to announce their partnership with Ocean of Hope for the 2019 Wild Buffalo Relay. Portions of the events raffle will...

Cold Reality | O’Neill Awesome film on cold water surfing

A short documentary about surfer Micah Lester's relationship with cold water surfing. Produced and directed by Mike Cunliffe with additional direction and production by...


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