2018 Bark Vapor 12.6 barely used.

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Practically new. Excellent board. https://www.surftech.com/sup/bark-vapor-pro-elite-race-sup This is from a sup forum: Yep I love the Vapor, and I've covered very many miles in it in all conditions since that review without changing my mind. But it's a downwind board rather than an all-round ocean race board, really. The All Star, FX, and Sidewinder will be faster in flat water and small chop. The Vapor is certainly faster upwind and in general paddling than a heavily rockered DW board though, so it's no slouch. And downwind in small to medium conditions it is a complete delight and is very fast, catching just about anything going. So it kinda depends on what race conditions you are going in. If it's properly rough then the Vapor could serve you well. If it's just a bit of fairly mild chop then there may be faster boards. Well, I'll see shortly, I decided to go with the Vapor.The FX and Sidewinder just seem a little too biased towards flat water speed for what I want the board to cover. To be faster in the flat water I just keep coming to the conclusion that somethings got to give when it gets rough. The V3 can handle mild chop and flats or conditions in ocean races like I see in BoP race videos. Most races here won't have variable conditions so it'll either be smooth enough for the 404 or rough enough to justify the Vapor. My first race was an ocean race in which most people were on flat water style race boards and couldn't stay on them. I took third simply because I was on the Glide and was able to put consistent power down without worrying about losing balance. Downwind, upwind and cross chop all featured depending on which buoy you'd just went around. Those types of situations would seem to favor the Vapor over the FX or Sidewinder, slightly perhaps, but stability and handling was at a higher premium than outright speed. Like I mentioned, your review hit the particular points I was after, sounded very much like the Glide which was absolutely unfazed by just about anything, but smaller. I'd have never even bothered to look at any other boards had Naish actually offered a smaller size in that model. ook the vapor out for a bit today and of course the howling winds of the past month straight calmed down today so no proper rough water test yet. Through a bit of chop and some wind its definitely better behaved than the V3. The nice part is paddling past protected water and out into the chop the feeling of the board doesn't change, it hardly noticed the water just got rougher. Very good kick turning board, can be done from just about anywhere behind the handle. It's got a very quick initial tip, quicker than the V3 by some bit but if I stayed centered it did as well and was quite stable even going through the confused stuff and I could keep full power easily in every stroke. Side winds were no problem and such a welcome change from the 404. The one nitpick so far is the deck pad is slick, perhaps that needs to be broken in a bit. Flat water speed is a couple ticks off the V3 as expected but that's not the purpose I bought it for. Looking forward to some proper rough conditions on it. Glad you are enjoying the Vapor. Everything you say is true, really. The handling just gets better the rougher it is. The initial tip is less than on eg. a Sidewinder: in fact I think it's very stable for 26" wide. The deck pad on mine isn't slippery or slick at all. In fact it's very good. So maybe yours is just new? It really comes into it's own downwind in particular. It makes light downwinding (15-25 knots) an absolute pleasure - and speedy.


Price: $1350.00
Address: 351 Lagunita Dr
United States
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