Quickblade: How a paddle shaft breaks

Often we get the email from paddlers saying "I was paddling and my shaft snapped" - in about 99% of the cases, it was not the shaft randomly snapping..but something that could have happened long before. In this video, Jim Terrell shows how a...

Quickblade at the Santa Monica Pier Paddle Festival 2014

SICK edit from Fin Film Company--Chris Aguilar. Lots of historic photos in there too!

2014 Battle of the Paddle Preview Video

New location; new challenges! A group of us took the day to study the 2014 BOP Course at Salt Creek with some SUP Racers from the Southern California Area.Salt Creek is one of the most beautiful beaches in California, located just south of Laguna Beach.

Get on Board with Annabel Anderson Lesson 3

Part 3: Transporting (Or where you can learn to tie straps!) Annabel Anderson walks through some basic how to SUP instructions in this series of videos from Subaru.

GoPro Athlete Tips and Tricks Stand Up Paddling with Kai Lenny

Kai teaches us how best capture the sport of stand up paddling.

How to do a SUP Kick Turn

How to do a SUP Kick Turn from Starboard SUP

Quickblade: Paddle Stroke Analysis

Breaking down the stroke used in Stand-Up Paddling. Jim Terrell, the creator of QuickBlade paddles, covers all the aspects of a good stand-up paddling stroke - speed, stroke rate, stroke distance, technique and more.

What to do if you’re Snowed In: From Starboard

Yeah, there's a santa in this, but whatever. We have snow now!

How to Standup Paddle Video Series from Werner

Are you new to stand up paddleboarding? Hoping for a board under the tree this Christmas?  Get started and learn how with these technique video tips.  Watch the Videos on the Werner Website Learn the basics and have fun!

Girls Only with Annabel Anderson

Highlights from a clinic with Annabel Anderson-and a few tricks!


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