How To Do Warrior 2 on a Paddleboard

From San Diego Paddle Yoga,

How to river surf: River Surfing Basics with Mike Tavares from CKS

Boardworks Surf Pro Mike Tavares talks you through some basic tips for how to river surf on a standup paddleboard. Stay tuned to and for more tips.

Quick Stand Up Paddle Training Tip: How to Bring More Power to the Blade

This exercise for stand up paddling is designed to increase your total purchase power from your entire shoulder complex directly to the blade of your paddle. It also engages and strengthens your entire core! RESULT: Maximum stroke power! This exercise is GREAT for surfers too...

Dave Kalama: The most common problems with paddling technique

Dave Kalama from Imagine SUP discusses the most common problems he's seeing with paddle technique and how to address it. For more information on Dave Kalama or Imagine Surf, go to: Dave Kalama's Blog: A Waterman's Journal Imagine Surf: Imagine Surf on Facebook: Imagine Surf on Instagram:

SUP: Leashes & Lifejackets – When to Wear, When Not to Wear

Watch this video to learn what type of leash and lifejacket to use when you SUP. Some of the rules and recommendations regarding these pieces of equipment may surprise you.

How to install the NOCQUA LED Light System

How to install the NOCQUA Light System: Use of adjustable strap and harness for the NOCQUA 2000 system

How the Center Fin Position Changes the Performance of Starboard SUP.

Ever wonder why to move your center fin forward or backward in the fin box? This is the perfect explanation. This video explains how changing the position of the center fin by moving forwards or backwards can change the performance of the board. In particular,...

Biomechanics SUP Series #5 – Putting it all Together

The fifth video in KIALOA's Biomechanics SUP Series focuses on combining what we learned about posture, shoulders and legs. Learn with us how to paddle longer, paddle stronger.

How to Standup Paddle Video Series from Werner

Are you new to stand up paddleboarding? Hoping for a board under the tree this Christmas?  Get started and learn how with these technique video tips.  Watch the Videos on the Werner Website Learn the basics and have fun!

Before you paddle, warm up: Yoga warmup for SUP progression from Jeramie Vaine

Do this progression slowly. Make sure to use your breath, or for those of us who aren't into yoga, BREATHE! Do a few rounds of this to wake up and engage your core and extremities.


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