How to Prone Paddleboard Part 2: Getting Started with Jack Bark

Jack Bark guides you how to get on a prone (traditional) paddleboard and a basic stroke. Shot by Chris Aguilar. Sponsors: Bark Paddleboards, Surftech and Distressed Mullet. Please like and share! Check out Surftech: Check out Bark Paddleboards:

How the Center Fin Position Changes the Performance of Starboard SUP.

Ever wonder why to move your center fin forward or backward in the fin box? This is the perfect explanation. This video explains how changing the position of the center fin by moving forwards or backwards can change the performance of the board. In particular,...

Prone Paddleboarding Essential Techniques from Riding Bumps

Riding Bumps is all over prone paddling and their new VIDEO: Prone Paddleboarding: Essential Techniques video is amazing. I just got it and watched it and if it wasn't 20 degrees, I'd be on the water trying some of the techniques. The video is available for...

How To Do Headstand 2 Ways on a Paddleboard

From San Diego Paddle Yoga For more information, go to:

Paddle Tip of the day RAIL TAP

Want to improve your stroke. Look at this one easy tip from Dave Kalama from Imagine Surf to help your recovery and increase your efficiency. Imagine Surf/Dave Kalama For more information on Dave Kalama and Imagine Surf, go to: Imagine Surf: Instagram: Facebook: Dave Kalama's Website: A Waterman's Journal:

How to do a Pivot Turn

How to do a pivot turn--from BIC SUP

Biomechanics SUP Series 3 Shoulders

The third video in KIALOA's Biomechanics SUP Series focuses on shoulders. Learn with us how to paddle longer, paddle stronger.

How to Setup the YOLO Board Inflatable SUP

video Learn all about setting up the YOLO Board inflatable SUP. Now you can stand up paddle board anywhere with YOLO’s new inflatable board and collapsible paddle. Great for traveling or storing on your boat. This tutorial teaches you how to setup and break down...

How to Slow Down to Speed Up: QuickFit Tips from Dave Kalama

PLEASE ACCESS THIS WITH A WIFI NETWORK. The Audio can be a problem on mobile phones with only a cellular internet connection. If Dave's Voice sounds garbled, it's because the video is playing before it is fully downloaded. Dave Kalama discussed tips on how to...

Get your head straight! Training Paddle Mindset by Dave Kalama

This is part of the QuickBlade QuickTips series by QuickBlade Paddles and the Distressed Mullet. In this episode, Dave Kalama talks about going out for an exercise paddle. Start out 50-60% energy and 100% technique. From the first stroke that you concentrate on technique, you...


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