Video: Michael Booth Paddling in Copenhagen’s Canals

Michael Booth’s Excellent Adventure in Copenhagen A look at World Champion Michael Booth’s two days at the championships in Copenhagen....part one!    

Video: Santa Foils?

Santa Foiling Actually, it’s Rob Parmenter in a seasonally apprpropriate SupSkin....but we won’t tell anyone if you won’t! Looks like Rob and his buds had a great Christmas! Hope y’all did too!

Video Vault: Danny Ching and the Lost GoPro

Danny Ching’s GoPro Recovery We wish we could be this smoooth when we surf, and when we lose, then recover our GoPro camera!!! Danny Ching recently re-posted this oldie but goodie on his Facebook page. It made us smile.  Happy Aloha Friday Before Christmas, y’all.

Quickblade Video: When Jimmy Met Larry

When Olympic Paddlers Meet We watched this again the other day and just thought it was worth's Jimmy Terrell's story about meeting fellow Olympian and Paddle Monster coach Larry Cain. and, as they say, the rest is history...      

Paddler fends off bag-stealing raccoon

Janna Breslin, a San Diego Personal trainer and nutritional therapist, had to fend off a bag-stealing raccoon on a recent paddleboard trip in Wachee Springs, FL. Raccoons mucking in the daytime is a bad thing, and even when not rabid, they can be mean little critter,...

‘Tis the Season Santa Paddle

Santa's are showing up on paddleboards everywhere. These were observed in Greenwood Lake, NJ. Are you getting your Santa Paddle on? Check out this video from Dee Schmitz. SUP SantaCon at Jersey Paddle Boards on Greenwood Lake.

A crew on the Big Board hits a Gorge Downwinder

from Big Winds in Hood River

Paddleboard boxing video: Another great use for the big boards

There's no paddle. The paddleboard boxing gloves are huge and it looks like fun. Video by devinsupertramp Big shoutout to BoardCo who was a big help in making this video happen! Check them out! Follow them on Instagram: @boardco

Starboard & SUPKids teaching kids how to take care of their planet

This World Oceans Day sees the official launch of SUPKids, an educational program for 5-12 year olds designed to teach kids SUP, water safety & environmental education. The SUPKids story starts in 2014, in Far North Queensland, Australia where the team ran their very first...

T Rexes Dominate Pirate Paddle, finishing 1st and second despite limited reach

In a surprise 1-2 finish T-Rexes Micki and Dee dominate last weekend's Pirate Paddle despite limited reach. "We have a lot of power if we can get our legs into the stroke," says Micki. "It's good to show T-Rexes everywhere that they can do...


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