Fin Film Company Director’s Reel 2017

Our buddy, contributor, paddler brethren Chris Aguilar of Fin Film Company just put out his director cut. It is amazing. If you are looking for someone to video your event, to present it in its most inspiring light, to have people see it and...

Jimmy Austin Wins Ozone Kai Wa’a Maui to Molokai

Jimmy Austin Wins M2M OC1 Race
Jimmy Austin Wins M2M OC1 Race For the third year in a row, Puakea paddler Jimmy Austin won the Ozone Kai Wa'a OC1 Maui to Molokai this past weekend with a time of 2:52:16.95. Kaihe Chong came in second, with Mario Mausio taking the third place...

Kai Lenny Come-from behind win from Fiji Via ISA and Supracer

Supracer posted interesting drone video from the ISA of Kai Lenny's gap closing run during the final leg of the Team relay in the Worlds in Fiji.  It's worth a look!

Doug Vojtko reporting from the Hanohano Huki Ocean Challenge 2019 for the Mullet

One of our favorite Mullets, Doug Vojtko headed from cold and snowy Wisconsin to warm and sunny San Diego for the Hanohano Huki Ocean Challenge. Doug Manages Midwest Paddle League, which means San Diego paddlers need to reciprocate and head north in the summer to race...

14th Annual Jay Moriarty Memorial Paddleboard Race Video Vault

Jay Moriarty Memorial Paddleboard Race
The 14th Annual Jay Moriarty Memorial Paddleboard Race in the beautiful waters of the Monterey Bay is set for June 20 this year. See the event info for 2015 here The recent movie, Chasing Mavericks was based on his life and experience surfing Mavericks. Here are some...

Update from the IVF Worlds in Tahiti

Update IVF Worlds Outrigger
The boys from Hawaii did fantastic in the Juniors finals of the 3 IVF World Distance Outrigger Championships!!  Our Harrison Deisroth and his Ka Lahui Kai team completed the six-man finals - 16.7 miles in 2:02:48, right behind home town favorites Tahiti! Job well done...

Video: Copenhagen SUP Crossing 2017

Paddling in Denmark Not all of the festivities and events surrounding the recent ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championship in Copenhagen, Denmark centered around the pros.  250 recreational paddlers participated in this year's inaugural Copenhagen SUP Crossing, which organizers say "was all about having fun and...

Carolina Cup: The View from the Beach or… Spectating So Hard

The Carolina Cup: It's the People, Stupid Races grow, hopefully. And with growth comes change. As more and more people discover SUP, more and more of them are discovering that there is such a thing as SUP racing. And with that comes new blood and...

Lachie Lansdown, DJ O’Brien, Costner McIntosh take top finishes in 2018 Catalina Classic Paddleboard Race

Lachie Lansdown by Chris Aguilar
photo by Chris Aguilar, Fin Film Company This is one of those magical events that happens each year without much fanfare, with no mainstream coverage, only the core paddlers with gear—thank you Chris Aguilar—and with boatloads of heart and soul for paddling. Congratulations to everyone...

SEA Paddle NYC Race Recap and A Note on Recovery

SEA Paddle Recap
Grateful. Really Really f-ing grateful. That’s about sums up SEA Paddle NYC 2016 for me. For those that didn’t know, I had double shoulder surgery on May 11th. It was arthroscopic and nothing was getting rebuilt or re-attached, but still…kind of a scary thing for...


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