Hala Gear first to incorporate ITC (Inflatable Composite Technology) into their inflatable SUPs

(Quick Note: Sorry about the audio. We're investing in better sound equipment. Turn up the volume.) We had an impressive demonstration of the new Hala Gear ICT, the inflatable standup paddle board to incorporate Inflatable Composite Technology (ICT). ICT is a high-modulus carbon-fiber-reinforced thermoplastic stringer...

Congratulations KIALOA: Celebrating 25th Anniversary

It's so cool to see this. I knew Kialoa had been making paddles for a long time, but had no idea they'd been at it for 25 years. Dave and Meg Chun were two of the first people I ever met in the industry...

April Zilg walks us through the Hobie Venture

Comes in a 10'4" and a 12'4" and at 30" wide, the 10'4" is incredibly stable. Square rails in back with flat bottom under rider and a rounded out displacement nose. The matt finish on the bottom increases speed by reducing friction. Flat deck pad...

Walk through of the Annabel Anderson’s 11’6″ Touring Board with Brian Szymanski

Brian Szymanski walks us through the Annabel Anderson's 11'6" Touring Board from Lahui Kai. Brian, Annabel and John Becker collaborated on the design of this all-around touring board that features "excellent stability, speed, tracking, control, carrying capacity and comfort in all conditions." Annabel Anderson's 11'6"...

NSP DC 17’10 Travis Grant Molokai model was just released

NSP DC 17'10" Travis Grant Molokai
AROONA RELEASES NSP 17’10 TRAVIS GRANT – MOLOKAI SUP SYDNEY, Australia – Aroona Group the official Australian distributor for NSP is ecstatic to present details of the long awaited 2015 Molokai to Oahu winning board to the market. The NSP DC 17’10 Travis Grant Molokai model...

Hobie and QuickBlade collaboration with matching custom boards and paddles

Hobie Performance Lab and QuickBlade Match Sticks
In a world of paranoid competition and shrinking markets, how do two companies like Hobie and Quickblade come together for an artistic and craftsmanship collaboration? How the houses of two craftsmen came together Jimmy Terrell from QuickBlade reads an article in the LA Times (Great article: http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-made-in-california-hobie-20151023-story.html). Jimmy calls Sean...

Naish Maliko 2016 Stand Up Paddleboard Review

The Carolina Paddleboard Co. crew reviews the 2016 Naish Maliko. With a rounded nose that releases water, it is a fun and stable board to paddle in the flats. Although, its generous volume, straight rails, and rockered nose make it a great board for...

Surf Expo 2016 Instagramable recap

surf expo
Make sure to follow the Distressed Mullet on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/distressedmullet/ A certain Mulleteer we know absolutely fell in love with this touring board from @lahui_kai_paddleboards at #surfexpo!! @annabelanderson @lischell A photo posted by Distressed Mullet (@distressedmullet) on Jan 16, 2016 at 5:16pm PST They can't steal your...

Surf Expo 2016 Winter Show SUP vendors and a plan of action

Surf Expo Gear
We're looking forward to the Surf Expo in Orlando. Lisa Schell, Mark Colino are all here on team Mullet getting looks at the latest board and paddle lines and gear, gear, gear. It's like going to Disney for a SUP monkey like myself, except...


STARBOARD Dream Team "SUP TOMO" riding on STARBOARD "HYPER NUT" 6'9 23" 69L. Super fun at small waves condition!!


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