STARBOARD Dream Team "SUP TOMO" riding on STARBOARD "HYPER NUT" 6'9 23" 69L. Super fun at small waves condition!!

2014 Naish Mana Series

Mana Series Compact All-around Wave Wide, stable shapes for learning, progressing, cruising and catching waves. Mana 8’5” GT The Mana 8’5’’ GT features a wide outline, wide rounded tail and full nose shape for incredible stability for a board of this length. Designed for small to average sized...

SIC X PRO LITE 12.6 Review: First impressions

I was shocked. Honestly. My first experience on SICs 2 years ago was that they nailed the downwind. BUT, the boards were big, sometimes heavy. This next generation laughs in the face of their elder predecessors. I took the SIC X PRO LITE 12.6 for a...

The Case for Inflatables: Why You Should Have One in Your Quiver

Benefits of Inflatable SUPs I still have my first inflatable paddleboard.  It was one of the first “isups" produced - by SurfTech.  I found it in an REI garage sale, where it had been returned.  I quickly discovered why - it was extremely difficult to...

2016 Imagine Angler Polyethylene SUP Fishing Board

Any video where they start by cast-netting mullet gets our attention. Something I LOVE about this board and videos: Snap in fins, fish hold, fold up seat. They mention how important it is to wear a life vest and wear a leash because you never know when...

Surftech Bark D2 Review: First Impressions

My first thought when I stepped on the board was comfort. I felt very comfortable. That could be because I paddled Matt Becker's custom Bark after the 2012 Carolina Cup for a year. The D2 is a modified version of that board. Who would like...

Brian Szymanski and John Becker talk about Lahui Kai at the Outdoor Retailers Expo

Brian Szymanski and John Becker have recently joined Lahui Kai. Two of the standup paddle industry's most talented people have the opportunity to bring their dreams and aspirations for standup paddling to fruition though their partnership with SUPATX and Lahui Kai's Mick DiBetta. They...

Shaping a Champion – Matthew Moir Profile

Meet the man behind the board. Matthew Moir talks about the experiences he has learned from life as a competitive surfer, suffering from a stroke, his routine to stay in prime condition and his future plans as husband, father and as professional surfer.

Riviera 2013 SUP’s

Here is a quick overview of the Riviera Paddlesurf 2013 Standup Paddleboard Line

Preview: 2015 The Starboard Nut

"For the SUP long-board enthusiast, there’s no doubt this is a massive leap forward.” A variation of a theme from the 11’2”x30” Blend for those willing to look outside the box. Maintaining the excellent glide charcteristics of the blend, the unique outline shape greatly enhances...


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