Hobie and QuickBlade collaboration with matching custom boards and paddles

Hobie Performance Lab and QuickBlade Match Sticks
In a world of paranoid competition and shrinking markets, how do two companies like Hobie and Quickblade come together for an artistic and craftsmanship collaboration? How the houses of two craftsmen came together Jimmy Terrell from QuickBlade reads an article in the LA Times (Great article: http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-made-in-california-hobie-20151023-story.html). Jimmy calls Sean...

A few of my favorite things from this year: Riviera Bump Paddle and Ergo Grip

The Riviera Bump Paddle is a great option for SUP Surfing. It has a great grip from the top to bottom. It's a lot of fun.  The shaft gets tacky when it's wet for a great grip. The Ergo Grip Handle, is perfect because you hand just...

Check out the Quickblade V-Drive

Jim Terrell of Quickblade Paddles discusses the new, smaller 81 square inch blade on the 2015 V-drive as well as some of the similarities and differences with the V-drive 91.

Gear Review: Quickblade Trifecta Paddle

Today we welcome Mullet friend and 100/100 paddler Corey Taylor with his review of the Quickblade Trifecta. Welcome, Corey!   *****   About a week ago I snapped my Werner Grand Prix paddle. The paddle that I have raced every race and surfed with. As paddlers these paddles...

Diapers and Paddles: Kialoa Paddles uses recycled materials

Shane from Kialoa Paddles talks about recycled materials used in paddles. The post-comsumer, post-industrial materials that Kialoa Paddles uses to make their standup paddles comes from a diaper company.

Latest SUP Crowdfunding Venture: Cedar Boat Works Wooden Paddle Kit

I met the Cedar Boat Works crew out at The Gorge Paddle Challenge in Hood River, OR this past August. They build the cedar boards and paddles by hand out of a small workshop in NW Portland. At the time they were preparing to launch...

KIALOA Insanity Stand Up Paddle

From Kialoa: Crazy light, crazy strong, crazy affordable. KIALOA's Insanity SUP is the perfect balance of performance and durability. Available as an adjustable, fixed or 2 piece travel paddle. http://www.kialoa.com The Kialoa Insanity Stand Up Paddle Line The Insanity line is part of Kialoa's All-Around Performance SUP Series. You...

Hippo Stick Paddles – The AL Pro

Hippo Stick Paddles - The AL PRO 100% Carbon Standup Paddle Danny Ching

Pau Hana Surf Supply Monkey Grip

Pau Hana Surf Supply Monkey GRip
For a limited time, Pau Hana Surf Supply will be sending out a free Monkey Grip with every carbon fiber paddle. Warning, monkeys have been known to throw feces. And they tend to grip you, not the paddle. Choose from Howler, Spider or Golden-headed lion tamarin versions. For...

Gear Review: Kialoa Hulu (Small blade)

Let me start by saying that the first paddle I ever used was a Kialoa and I've had Kialoa paddles ever since. They feel comfortable to me and they fit with my price point. I've paddled with other paddles occasionally to try them and...


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