BEST ADVICE EVER from Johnny Puakea: You Need to Paddle Alone

Johnny Puakea
Why Take A Clinic? I am a firm believer in the biking quote, “it’s not about the machine, it’s about the engine.” With paddling that means, if my stroke is inefficient, it doesn’t matter what kind of board or paddle I have; I’ll tire faster,...

OC How To: Stay Safe and Carry an Extra Paddle

Outrigger Canoe Safety Setup John Beausang of / shares his outrigger canoe downwinding setup, including how he attaches his spare paddle to his OC1, his leash setup, and hydration method (and tells us why you don't want to carry a water bottle when...

Margo Pelligrino on her OC-1: How to flip back after a huli

Margo showed me how to flip back over with her home-brew and brilliantly effective method back when we paddled the Mulletkai. I'm getting pretty good at it. It's worth practicing.


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