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Amy Beausang, a.k.a. Strongrabbit, is Mrs. Mullet, mother to Baby Mullet, cousin of Cousin Mullet (not literally, but in practice), and a Doctor of Pharmacy, certified nutritionist, certified personal trainer, and all-around awesome person. Basically, she’s super qualified to help us figure out what to eat and drink in order to stay healthy and in tip top form while paddling.

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Are you eating your best breakfast?

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Photo from Ever caught yourself in a breakfast rut? I am in one as we speak. I realized this past weekend that I have become a breakfast automaton. Wake up. Toast whole-grain bread or Sami’s Bakery millet wrap. Slather with crunchy almond butter and banana. Continue with my day. Go to bed. Repeat breakfast ritual. It’s a safe bet that…

My take on the latest dietary scapegoat: Grains

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Belly-ballooning wheat! Brain-killing grains! No, I’m not referring to the latest horror flick to hit theatres.  I’m alluding to the heaping negative hype around grains (especially wheat) that has many of us running scared from this oh-so “evil villain." Just in the past couple of years, there’s been an explosion of anti-grain theories and diets. Perhaps it’s partly due to…