billions wasted on unmanned kayaks

An alarming report came out of NBC Boston about the incredible amount of time and resources wasted on tracking down the owners of unmanned kayaks found on waterways around the country.

Every time an unmanned kayak is reported, the USCG has to treat it as a missing person in the water, even if it’s just a kayak that rolled off a dock. According to the report, the Coast Guard estimates a team on the water costs $113,000 per hour. That’s insane also. BUT, it’s billed. We’re billed. And in the process, resources are being diverted from actual problems.

Please label your crafts with contact information with waterproof marker, name and phone number. They provide stickers through the ACA and the Coast Guard. We have a stack at the Mullet, but we’ve found Sharpies wash off and they don’t stick to some surfaces. It’s a good attempt, but we’d suggest making your own. Even if it’s a laminated card duct taped on the board.

And while you’re at it, take a photo of your board, boat, canoe, kayak, surfski (whatever you call it) for insurance and theft purposes. That way, it’s easier to track it down if it’s stolen.

Another thing to remember is to make sure your kayaks, SUPs etc aren’t laying near the water near or below the tide lines.

Who are the worst offenders? New England, Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire lead the way with the most reports. Pick it up there New England! Ha… Dr. Bob. Get on that.

—The Mullet


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