Graphing the Gorge

We love a good geek-out.  And we love the Columbia River Gorge.  What could be better, then, than an graphic and data expert from one of our big, local yet global analytics and data management companies breaking down the race course for us?

That is exactly what SAS’s Robert Alison did in his company’s blog.  He’s created some interesting, interactive maps of the course of the the upcoming Gorge Downwind Champs in Hood River.  The blog post simplifies the race course map and perhaps most usefully, creates a nice visualization of last year’s race results that lets you compare racer times. (Although we have to wonder just what gorge race he is talking about in his opening  description of the anticipation for the race registration opening – sounds a little Chattajacky to me!)

Bonus – he adds a nice shout-out to our favorite OC correspondent, Harrison Deisroth!

Check out it here.


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