Steinfath Makes Second Attempt to Cross the Skagerrak

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Steinfath’s Viking Challenge is on


World Champion Steinfath seeks rematch against Viking Gods: Will cross treacherous ocean in arctic temperatures:

Cold Hawaii, Denmark: The calendar might say March, but the Scandinavian winter is relentless and showing virtually no signs of slowing down. But even blizzards and arctic temperatures cannot stop the dream of 4x ISA SUP World Champion Casper Steinfath from Denmark. Within the frozen landscape he is calmly preparing to attempt the greatest challenge of his life, again – The Viking Crossing.

Within the next two weeks, on his SUP board, Casper aims to cross the legendary “Skagerrak” which is an ocean straight between Denmark and Norway know for its treacherous currents and wild weather. From his hometown of Klitmøller in Cold Hawaii, Casper will seek to step in the footsteps of his Viking forefathers and be the first person on a SUP to paddle 120 km across the “Skagerrak” to the Norwegian town of Kristiansand. A journey that will test his skills and push him to his very limits both physically and mentally.

Forced to withdraw 12 km before Norwegian soil

This will be Casper’s second attempt at crossing the “Skagerrak”. Last year, under wild circumstances, Casper was forced to withdraw from his crossing attempt just 12 km before his destination after having paddled for nearly 17 hours in freezing conditions. A combination of a building storm and strong currents pushing away from land broke the multiple time SUP World Champion. Clearly a bitter moment for the young Viking.

– I am really excited to be able to give the Viking Crossing a second shot. I have learned a lot from my mistakes last year and I have poured all of my mind and heart into the preparations this time. Crossing the “Skagerrak” is an extreme challenge and childhood dream of mine. What really excites me is the added challenge of paddling for many hours in rough ocean, deep darkness and in freezing temperatures. For me Crossing the “Skagerrak” is the ultimate culmination of dreams, passion and skills learned during my lifetime, says Casper Steinfath who is best known in the SUP World for his fierce sprint racing skills and constant determination to prove to the world that underdog nations like Denmark should not be discounted.

He knows how to match Mother Nature this year

This year Casper has spent the entire winter at home in Denmark training in the freezing cold and darkness. He spent hundreds of hours analyzing his mistakes from last year and now has his gaze fixed on setting foot on Norwegian soil. Through focused preparations and a strong support team around him, Casper believes he has found what it will take to match Mother Nature on what he describes as the ultimate challenge.

“I believe they key is not to actually beat Mother Nature with brute force, but instead be patient until she presents me the right moment and hopefully allows me a chance to pass through the chaos. This year I have focused a lot on improving my night paddling skills to prevent seasickness. I have also spent many hours reading and learning about the complex current systems out there as well as stepping up my navigational game. I hope all these elements will help give me safe passage across Skagerrak,” Steinfath  said when asked about his preparations for the second attempt.

Currently Steinfath and his crew are on standby awaiting the right ocean and weather conditions to undertake this journey. They are constantly monitoring weather forecasts and when the right window presents itself 48 hours out they will hit the “Go Button” and prepare for take off.

More news and how you can follow Casper’s historic attempt live will come in a separate release.

Casper Steinfath during his Viking Crossing project from Klitmøller, Denmark to Mandal, Norway on February 1, 2017 // Mark Wengler/Red Bull Content Pool

Facts about the Viking Crossing
Distance: 120 km from Klitmøller (Denmark) to Kristanssand (Norway)
Expected duration of the Crossing: 20-24 hours
Board: 14′ x 26” Naish Maliko 2018
Paddle: V-Drive 91 Quickblade
Wetsuit: 5/3 hooded Mystic Legend
Breaks and food: 5 minutes every hour sitting on the board eating sandwiches and energybars
Crew around Casper: Safety boat

Facts about Casper
24 years old
4 x ISA SUP Race World Champion
Raised in Klitmøller in the heart of Cold Hawaii, Denmark
Nicknamed The Viking”

Watch the recap from Casper’s first attempt last year:

How to follow:
Follow Casper’s preparations for the attempt on social media

Instagram: @CJ_Steinfath

Photo credits: Fredrik Clement and Mark Wengler