Redbull Privateers releases rules for February 10th treasure-hunting paddle event in Cape Romano, FL

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Check out the video with the rules for the Redbull Privateers event:

Hear the Call of Cape Romano, it’s shifting sand dunes and sand bars, it’s labyrinth of Mangrove Islands & Tunnels, each appearing identical to the last. Islands can hold secrets just as men do…and it is no less burdensome. As centuries pass, with the battering of a thousand storms, Cape Romano’s secret is ready to be revealed, the legend confirmed. Do you hear her calling? Not since the time of Privateer Calico Jack has Cape Romano played host and protector to hundreds of adventure seekers and waterman of fortune on her shores. Tending to camp by day and gathering by the bonfire at night…eating, drinking, telling tall tales and boasting of how each is going to one day enjoy their riches. The riches that they had hidden away, never to be unearthed to this day.

Red Bull Privateers would like to invite you to retrace these very steps and paddle the waters that Calico Jack and the men and women of his loyal crew inhabited in the late 1700’s. Camp on the same beaches where they slept, sit around the same campfire pits which they set ablaze, share stories of modern day extreme feats…and most of all, search the mangrove islands for the hidden treasure which they buried on Cape Romano over two hundred years ago. This is Red Bull Privateers!! The Adventure begins the moment you register!!

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