Kit Review: Localish Digi Camo Band Leggings

Localish Leggings

Localish Leggings

Ah, Fall and Winter! Time to get the tights and other cold weather paddling gear out.

But, if you live in a place where the temperatures are extremely changeable and you need something to get you through the in-between season, when it’s not warm enough for board shorts/bathing suits, but still not cold enough for neoprene, or Virus Stay Warm tights, or God forbid, the dry suit, or if you are looking for an all around legging that will be great for dry land work too, then check out Localish.

What is Localish?

Localish is a new brand that launched earlier this year. And, in the interest of full disclosure, founder Jenn Biestman (best name ever for a paddler!) is a Maui friend. Jenn splits her time between the Bay Area of California and Hawaii.  Here’s how she describes the origin of Localish on the brand’s web page:

The idea of Localish came to us when a bartender in Santa Cruz, CA asked if we were locals. Living an hour away from Santa Cruz, we shrugged and said, “kinda…sure, I guess? We’re local-ish.”

Localish. We pondered that term for a few minutes, as we realized we get asked that same question a lot. Especially because we frequently travel between California and Maui. What does it mean to be a “local,” we thought. After a bit of contemplation, we concluded that you can be local wherever you feel that sense of belonging. To be ‘local’ is truly a state of mind, rather than a point of origin.  

Being Localish means welcoming others and sharing your culture, while respecting and understanding the cultures and environment around you. Respect and mindfulness are the cornerstones of the Localish movement. 

New Favorite Thing

So, she and her co-founder Greg Coffin came up with some awesome designs and clothing to go along with their world view. The t-shirts are awesome. But the leggings! Wow.  I purchased a pair of the Digi Camo Band leggings and they arrived right after Chattajack.  I took them for a spin on a recent mountain bike ride and was so impressed.

Localish Leggings

Now, it seems cool, fun, colorful leggings are a dime a dozen these days.  But the Localish tights are the real deal.  When the website promises no sheer, see though issues, it means it.  The leggings are a nice, thick-ish weight, and yet they are so comfortable, I did not want to take mine off.  Seriously.  Soft, almost plush even.

The day I wore them, it was cool enough for leggings, but warm enough to be in short sleeves.  I worried I’d too hot with the long pants on, but everything was just right.   I took them with me to the Surf to Sound race and they were perfect for our still warm, 71 degree ocean water.

Localish Leggings

I was so impressed – I ordered another pair and they will be going with me on my next trip to Maui, where I need sun protection on my legs but don’t want to use sunscreen when I surf because it rubs off on the board.

Y’all know by now that I am a Form Follows Function gal, so I really don’t care that much about design, but Localish has prints that suit every fashion preference – from hibiscus/tropical flowers and pink camo, to the more basic black, but with some nice flair.

Check them out, ladies – you will be glad you did!


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