Paddle Monster Launches new Fall and Winter Training Program: Shorter Days

Many of you, especially those living further north may be finding it increasingly difficult to paddle during the week with dwindling daylight hours. To assist you we’ve created a special program using weekends for water workouts to give you some structure to your training if you are unable to paddle during the week.

Weekdays see strength scheduled for Monday, Wednesday and Friday and land-based cardio sessions on Tuesday and Thursday.

Saturday sees two paddling sessions, one in the AM and one in the PM. These are abbreviated slightly from sessions which are normally “stand alone” on weekdays, but this allows you a chance to complete each of them with quality which is paramount. Over time, as you become accustomed to doing two water sessions/day we can add a little volume to each session. Of course you are free to stretch out the time of each session by adding in some extra time on drills. The morning and the afternoon workout are prioritized. If you can only do one of the two please do the morning session.

Sunday this week sees a long 4 hour “Race Simulation” for those preparing for Chattajack. All others have a long paddle of more normal duration.

Please feel free to work with me in each week’s program discussion if you have questions or if you have races upcoming that you may require advice or modifications for. This program is designed to help you continue to train effectively in a professional and organized fashion despite constraints placed upon you by decreasing hours of daylight. Please to not hesitate to work with me to help you get the most you possibly can out of it.

The Shorter Days Program is available for All-Access members. This membership also includes strength and conditioning from Coach Chris Chapman.

Happy paddling!


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