Downwinder Tuesday: Athens, Greece and the Meltemia Winds

Downwinding Greek Style

We just love this.  Mullet reader John Spinoulas sent us this video from last week, when the summer winds known as “Meltemia” created perfect downwinding conditions in Athens. John and his brother got in four great days of downwinding and he captured the highlights in this video.

We asked John to tell us more about the boards they used and downwinding in his hometown in general.  Here’s what he said:

“The boards we use are the Dart (black 14×29.7) and Dartpro (blue 14×26) by Coreban -primarily designed for downwind conditions. Greece now has some pretty amazing and unique downwind runs that you can enjoy… from coastal routes, like this one in the video in Artemida Bay which is our local spot, to countless point to point routes in which you can connect all these beautiful Greek islands and enjoy them from a whole new perspective. Greece could be a hot spot for SUP’ers from around the world, with its crystal clear, deep blue water, wild beauty and of course the Greek hospitality! We would be stoked to have paddlers visit our country and join us to show them around and paddle around our local paradise!”

Sounds like a great idea to us!!  Mahalo John!



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