Paddler Drowns In Florida

Key Biscayne Paddler’s Body Recovered after Search

We are again saddened by news, this time out of Florida, that someone renting a paddleboard didn’t make it back in safely.  Here’s the full story from local TV station NBC 6 in Miami.  Wasn’t wearing a life jacket. Didn’t know how to swim.

We’ve said it before, we are probably preaching to the choir here – if you are reading this page you probably already know that leashes save lives and that PFDs can’t help you are not wearing them. But people new to the sport don’t know that, even if it seems like common sense. Spread the word, leashes save lives.


Holiday Safety Tips

  • Always wear a leash
  • Always wear a PFD – even if you know how to swim and are an excellent swimmer
  • Stay hydrated – heat exhaustion can be deadly
  • Use mineral-based sunscreen to protect you and the aquatic environment
  • Paddle within your limits
  • Pay attention to weather forecasts and changeable conditions
  • Save the adult beverages for AFTER you are done paddling for the day

Have a safe, sane holiday weekend, y’all.

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