2016 Chattajack Webinar presented by Paddle Monster

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Larry Cain, Seychelle Haddingh, and Steve Dullack walk us through 2016 Chattajack pre-race strategy and logistics in this Paddle Monster webinar. #trainingworks

This is recorded and was held live on Sunday, September 18 at 7pm.

Future webinars will be available in the Video Library accessible to Paddle Monster Basic and All-Access Plans.

About Paddle Monster:

Everyone should have access to coaching to develop their skills. Paddle Monster is a subscription-based paddle training community that will help elevate training for everyday paddlers who want to achieve specific goals. We will give normal paddlers access to the best training and technique information available. We set goals, discuss our progress online, and then spill out into the waterways around the world together. You have individual goals, but you are no longer lost or alone in your training. Paddle Monster was founded by Olympic Gold and Silver Medalist and Team Canada Coach Larry Cain and John Beausang of Distressed Mullet.

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