Ken Lambrecht, Bug, Madison,

Meet Joe Paddler: Ken Lambrecht and his cat, BUG, from Madison, WI

Where were you were born and where you live now?

Born in California actually but moved away when I was way young (darn!) live in Madison, Wisconsin now.

What is your occupation?

I am a veterinarian; I own my own clinic with special interests in cats, pet nutrition and dentistry.

Where do you SUP the most?

I live on a large freshwater lake (Lake Mendota) in Madison so that is naturally where I paddle the most but Lake Michigan and Superior are next most frequent.

Do you have a favorite local paddle shop?

Paddleboard Specialists  in Madison,WI.


What board do you ride?

I race and downwind a 14′ Hovie Comet custom primarily but I have an old Bark Dominator and a Starboard Coastal Runner that I still use and love!

What paddle do you use?

I have three QB’s – one is five years old now but I still use them all. My V-Drive is my preferred race paddle.

Have you changed boards/paddles since you started? If so, why?

I started paddling almost five years ago and started on old windsurfers! Boards have changed so much. I have tended towards boards that are stable in all conditions as the big events I do are long endurance events and open water where it can get rough and choppy.

Where would you most like to SUP?

I was lucky enough to go to Hawaii with Gary Stone who got me hooked up to paddle with Jeremy Riggs in Hawaii three years ago and I have been wanting to get back ever since! Panama, Croatia, San Juans and Virgin Islands are all on my list.


Ken Lambrecht, Joe Paddler, Hawaii, Downwinder

Best piece of SUP advice you’ve gotten? 

So many, so hard to choose:

from Jeremy R …just keep your paddle in the water;

from Gary Stone… from a reputable dealer who lives and knows SUP;

from Brian Hovanian…keep your stroke rate high by using a SUP coach;

from Rob Patton & Matt Campbell …keep that board covered at all times!

What were your 2015 paddle goals and did you meet them?

I try and do a new major race every year and this year I did two new ones: Oabi in Detroit and Pacific Paddle Games in Southern California and survived my first Graveyard so it was a great year!

Weirdest thing that’s happened to you while SUPping?

I paddle with my cat Bug so most people think that is pretty crazy and some probably think it is weird! We were going camping out to one of the Apostle Islands and a ranger stopped me to check my safety gear. Long story but he was pretty speechless when he saw Bug and yes, she had her PFD on!

Bug, cat, sup, Ken Lambrecht

Favorite SUP nutrition?

I make a smoothie with homemade kefir that gets me there.

Favorite post-paddle nosh (snack/beer/recovery drink)

Beer and chocolate milk but not together!

Your favorite non-paddle thing to do.

I sail a lot and cross country ski race all winter.

Who do you SUP with most often?

We formed a SUP group in Madison called the Surfcats with over 50 local members so it s not hard to find a paddle bud. Now that I have one of the Midwest’s best paddlers, David Gould renting my downstairs, I paddle with him a lot more! We hope to get lots of new paddlers and youth paddlers into our club and hold our first race this year.

Ken Lambrecht, Madison, Joe Paddler, SurfCats

What’s your biggest challenge with SUP?

Educating the uninformed about why we race.

What is your proudest moment in a SUP race or event?

I got on the podium in my age group in the inaugural Pacific Paddle Games in the technical race even though I am just an old endurance guy!

Tell us about the best friend(s) you made through SUP.

Way too many to count!!! So many midwest paddle buds in Michigan and here in Madison. I try to visit SUP buddies wherever I go. Always so ready to share their waters and homes and almost always a beer or two!

What’s your best SUP travel tip?

Rent a nice van and go straight to the local shop They will take care of you!

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