Gear Guide: Standup Paddle Race Essentials

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SpeedCoach SUP 2

Half the battle of doing well in a standup paddleboard race is getting to the starting line with your head on straight and all of your gear in working order. Sometimes that’s easier said than done! Whether you’re a first timer or a veteran, it’s helpful to have a checklist you run through in your head before you walk to the start. Have you properly hydrated the week before the race? (Hydration doesn’t start the morning of or the day before; it starts the WEEK before!) Have you been eating properly? Are you rested, but keeping up some light workouts. (Rest doesn’t mean sitting on your bum all day.) Have you checked your gear to make sure there are no holes in your hydration pack and that you have plenty of nutrition to take along?

When we’re getting ready for a race, these are some of the essentials that we pack.*


If you’re traveling to an away race you will want to take locking straps with you. It’s a good idea to have locking straps with you, always, particularly if you have a surf-style board. While locks won’t 100% prevent theft, they will

Locking Straps

Kanulock Lockable Reinforced Stainless Steel Tie Down Straps – 13FT


Board Bags & Paddle Bags/Covers

Riviera Board Bags

Prolite SUP Session Adjustable Split Race Bag – 12`6/14`0

Pro-Lite SUP Session Day Bag Race Board

Pro-Lite SUP Session Day Bag Race Board-Narrow

Paddle Bag from Rareform

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Paddle Blade Cover from Rareform

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Changing Mat from Rareform

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Necessary Accessories


MTI Adventurewear Fluid 2.0 Inflatable Belt Pack PFD Life Jacket, Red/Black


Coil Leash

Straight Leash

SUP Pocket

SUP Pockets are particularly useful for long-distance races because they give you an easy way to carry food, extra hydration, clothing layers, and any other gear you need to take with you.


Hydration Packs


Camelbak Tahoe LR Hydration Pack, 50-Ounce
Camelbak Molokai Hydration Pack, 70-Ounce

Hydration Mix


Ox Endurance


GU Energy Chews

GU Gels

Huma Chia Energy Gel

Skratch Fruit Drops

GPS/ Timing Watch/Device

If you train with a GPS device and heart rate monitor, you should also race with one. It will help you pace yourself throughout the event–long or short.

Garmin Watch

ForeRunner 920XT

Speed Coach

NEW! SpeedCoach SUP 2

SpeedCoach with Heart Rate Monitor

SpeedCoach Without Heart Rate Monitor


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AllGood Elemental Herbs Sunscreen

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