QB Clinic with Larry Cain and Jimmy Terrell at the Carolina Cup, Don’t miss it.

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Quickblade clinic with Larry Cain and Jimmy Terrell at the Carolina Cup

I’m going to go through each of the clinics over the next few weeks not just at the Carolina Cup, but wherever I can find good places to learn about paddling from the people who not only know how to paddle, but who know how to teach paddling.

Larry Cain and Jimmy Terrell are at the top of the short list of best paddle teachers. I believe we have the entire short list at the Carolina Cup this year.

Larry Cain

First of all, LOOK AT LARRY’S BLOG. He’s contributed to the Mullet for years and he is a wealth of information. He should be. He’s a former olympic champion and a current Canadian Olympic coach. Professional Key West cruiser bike rider. He has access to the latest paddle and exercise physiology technology and paddle technique theories and he applies them. To you. Maybe not wired up to a computer, but he’ll wire you in to the things you’re doing and how to change and/or improve them.

Jimmy “The Mad Scientist” Terrell

Former US Olympian. Mad Scientist. The crazy brain behind Quickblade paddle designs. Inventor of the QB Paddle Flume. Mechanical Bull Rider. What I like about this shake-n-bake combination is that Jimmy brings a completely different teaching technique and feel. It’s a combo that works great together.

I’ve taken a few Jimmy and Larry clinics and they made me faster, faster. Immediately. More efficient and less susceptible to injury. This is worth every single cent. And when I say faster, please keep it in perspective. Faster than I was. Not faster than Danny Ching. Not even faster that my buddies. BUT, faster and more efficient than I was or could be without instruction. I could have paddled for years, reinforcing poor technique and enjoying my paddle on the plateau. The things I learned at their clinic are with me on every paddle. I can still hear Larry telling me to grab the popcorn. (take the clinic)

If you have taken clinics in the past, take them again. This isn’t a one-and-done thing. Paddling like golf in a lot of ways, maybe even yoga. It’s a practice. It’s never a perfect. One thing gets better and something else emerges. And even if

Learn. Practice. Enjoy.

QuickBlade Clinic with Jimmy Terrell and Larry Cain

When: 10-4
Where to meet: Meet the QB team in the Blockade Runner Beach Resort Lobby
Price: $350
Spots: Limited to 10 Paddlers
Description: Quickblade Clinic with former US Olympic Team Member and owner of Quickblade Paddles, Jimmy Terrell. Larry Cain is an Olympic Gold Medal winner and a current Canadian Olympic Canoe Coach. This clinics includes paddle stroke theory – dryland session featuring full explanation of theory behind effective paddling, including video of top Olympic paddlers and SUP racers, video of clinic participants – left side, right side, behind, review of video of clinic participants – group session in which everyone’s video is analyzed Larry. Water session in which Jimmy and Larry work with participants one on one and in small groups: Addressing issues raised in video one on one with each individual. Useful technique drills and exercises in small group session and a question and answer session.

To register, go to: https://paddleguru.com/races/CarolinaCupNationalRace2015

For a full list of clinics, go to wrightsvillebeachpaddleclub.com