Gear Review: Season 5 Boot Liner

MarkC Clothing, Gear 5 Comments

If you want to be successful, you have to start at the bottom and work your way to the top.
This adage applies to sup training as well. As the seasons change and the temperatures start to fall, the challenge to log water time often comes down to comfort.
Since the “s” in sup stands for stand up, foot warmth is the first key component to cold weather\ water paddling.
Living in the northeast I’ve experimented with ways to train in winter months in order to be ready for those first events in spring that kick off the new season.
I have found a great multi-use product to help keep my feet warm; the Season 5 Tech Sock.
Season 5 has a proprietary material called Atmos 1.0. It’s not neoprene and it’s not polypropylene like other offerings of boot liners. (see featured picture & diagram )
The Tech Sock is also more than just a liner. It can be worn alone or under a pair of wetsuit booties.
The comfort factor comes in to play when wearing them alone as they are constructed with only 2 seams that are flat lock stitched and the sole is a little thicker than the top.
When added under a wetsuit boot it will definetly extend the temperature range and the amount of time you can be comfortable on the water.
When the water dips into the low 60’s and high 50’s, I wear just the sock. When the water hits the mid to low 50’s I wear them with 3mm boots. When the water goes into the 40’s and 30’s I combine them with a 5mm or 7mm boot. When shoveling snow, I wear them with my Timberlands.
Happy feet makes paddling sweet!

Mark Colino is head coach for Stand Strong Paddle Fitness in New Jersey, the North East sales rep for Starboard sup & surf and longtime mullethead.