Chattajacked Up: Congratulations Karen Wilson and Larry Cain

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Official Results to come, but early congrats: Karen Wilson is the official chiropractor/kinesiologist of the Distressed Mullet. (Karen: I need an appointment this week).

Women’s 12’6″:

  1. Karen Wilson (First Women’s Finisher)
  2. Chandler Bold
  3. Trish Miller

Men’s 14″

  1. Larry Cain
  2. Mike Tavares
  3. Steve Dullack

Men’s 12’6″

  1. Anthony Galang
  2. Jorge Navarro
  3. Martin Burzynski

Women’s 14′

  1. Kim Reilly
  2. Danielle Cubberley Goldston
  3. Anya Yurchenko

SUPER INCREDIBLE HOLY CRAP CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who finished this challenge!

Lisa Schell: It’s ok to cry at mile 28.

Kathy Summers: What is it about mile 28 that gets to everyone? It hit me there 2 years ago.

Steve Dullack: It’s nice when the whole crew is firing. Proud of you, Bud.


Julie Nicholls: So stoked for you. What an accomplishment.

Let’s hear it for the rest of the 100/100: Jason Geiger, Dave Merkli, Debbi Klapperich

Jason Whitted: You are capping off a great season. 2015 will be even better.

Heather Frogge: How’d you do?

I think Julie Nichols sums it up:

“Chattajack 31 paddleboard race done. BOOM! Tough, long, headwind, sore shoulders, beautiful Tennessee river, still feeling the boat wake from those “wonderful” speedboats on a poker run…..errrgggghh. No matter done. BOOM! Time for a nap.”