Hydration Week: Drink Mixes

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skratch labs hydration mix

We’re well into Hydration Week here on Distressed Mullet. We’ve given you several hydration pack reviewlets (and there are more to come!)

Today we want to direct you to some drink options. If you’re on a long paddle water is just not going to cut it. You’re going to need some electrolytes in there somewhere.

During the Carolina Cup, KillCliff saved my a$$. I mean I seriously drank three cans of it a day for three or four days.

Here is the StrongRabbit review of KillCliff 

I, personally, always use Skratch Labs hydration mix in my Camelbak. You can read some info on that




They have some new formulas and new products that I haven’t tried. They reformulated their everyday mix, and I haven’t had it yet, but I’m sure it will be wonderful. It was recommended to me by Lisa Schell, the Inland Paddler

What are you using for hydration mixes?