Review: Banx Block Sunscreen

Review: Banx Block Sunscreen

My Sunscreen Backstory:

I’m out in the sun. A lot. I’ve tried a bazillion different sunscreens. I’ve left my sunscreen at home, only to run into the closest convenience store and buy more sunscreen. I, like many of you, have a closet of half used sunscreens in my house. If you look in the trunk of my car, there is more sunscreen.

Out of all of the sunscreens I’ve tried, not one has done everything I need it to do. If one doesn’t give me zits, I have to reapply it every hour. If it stays on through a few hours, it runs and burns my eyes. If it is sweat proof and water proof, it is greasy and I can’t hold my paddle.

I’m also a bit of a health-nut. I believe the internet conspiracies that speculate about the increase in skin cancer and a correlation to the use of sunscreen with hazardous chemicals. I don’t want anything to be absorbed through my skin that I wouldn’t put in my mouth. Most sunscreens that I’ve tried with the “organic” label simply don’t stay put. What if I’m out paddling for 3-4 hours and I can’t reapply?

Enter BanxBlock. (I can finally clean out my closet and car!)

The FACTS, and some speculation:

No Nano Particles! If you don’t rub it in thoroughly, you might get left with a slight white tint to your skin. That doesn’t bother me, because I don’t reapply sometimes all day (although the FDA recommends you reapply every two hours). If I do take the time to rub it in, I don’t have the white tint.

It has Vitamin C, Green Tea Extract, and Licorice Extract, which are natural antioxidants. It has carrot extract and coconut oil, both I have used as natural SPFs in the past. Other ingredients like aloe, almond oil, and jojoba leave my skin feeling soft. The beeswax may be what makes it feel a bit thick, but beeswax is also an anti-acne agent. I have had a remarkable decrease in my summer acne while using this sunscreen. I think the beeswax makes it non-greasy too; my paddle does not slip out of my hands when I use this sunscreen.

I paddle like I mean it, and I sweat like Mike Tyson at a spelling bee. This sunscreen does not run into my eyes and burn.

I fall in and goof off. I have ignored the FDA recommendation to reapply every two hours and usually go all day. I have not been burned. At the end of the day, I have to shower with SOAP and WATER to get the stuff off. I really like that. Not only do I know that it was there working to keep my skin safe all day, but it forces me to take a shower. Husband Corey says, “Thank you, BanxBlock!”

Plus, anything that touts anti-aging properties and the ability to fade sunspots is cool in my book. Maybe if I use it long enough, my freckles will fade. Just kidding.

I’m just super stoked that I have a sunscreen that works, is safe and I can pronounce the ingredients!


Check out the recent press release on BanxBlock:

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