Karen Wrenn SUP Race Fin

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I was super STOKED to have the opportunity to work with futures fins! I wanted a fin that would be great for distance, course racing, work when riding waves at Battle of the Paddle and especially one that would be fast downwind! A true all round fin.

Karen Wrenn

It is great to know that I can just bring one fin and it will shed kelp and weeds because it has enough of a swept back angle. It works great in distance races because the length of the fin is long enough, stable and holds a straight line. The length of the fin is not too long so it is still maneuverable when riding waves on a race board and making buoy turns when course racing. I worked with futures on what I was looking for in a fin trying different prototypes until futures came up with this shape.

Karen Wrenn

A close friend of mine, Chris Hotz, is an amazing graphic designer helping me come up with ideas for the graphics. I couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out. I had a prototype of my fin last racing season using it in all racing conditions and it worked great! Its super light and fast. RACE THE SUN KW FIN


My new stand up paddle race fin by Futures Fins coming out this October. The video was shot by Ryan Moss on the last day of the Channel Islands Crossing. There are a few wonderful photos by Shelly Strazis, direction was by close friend/designer Chris Hotz and the guys down at Transport did great job pulling it all together.