WPA Rules Update for Drafting

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The World Paddle Association 2012 stand up paddleboard SUP race guidelines are out. I’ll try to add a few each week so you can become more aware of what the WPA is recommending for their sanctioned stand up paddleboard races.

10. Drafting

Drafting Allowed- It is up to each race director to decide whether they want to allow drafting in their race. The WPA recommends that if a race director allows drafting that a racer may only draft off another competitor in the same board class and gender. In other words, if you are racing on a SUP 12’6” board and a female competitor you may only draft off another female competitor on a SUP 12’6” board. A racer may NOT draft off any other board class, vessel or opposite gender. There is an automatic disqualification for a rules breech of drafting. A competitor is allowed time to pass another competitor without a rules infraction however a competitor must make a effort to pass or move out away from the draft of the other craft to not incur a disqualification. The maximum time allowed without making progress to pass another craft is one minute.

It is up to the race director to make this and other WPA rules and guidelines clear to the racers at the meeting prior to the race.

Here is some more info from the WPA for the 2012 Season