SUP Boxing-As In Hitting Each Other And All For A Good

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20 paddlers on the water at once, battling it out with boxing gloves on the handle side of their paddles to remain the last one still standing on their board. Rules? Box it out. Once you fall in the water, you’re out. Last one still standing wins.(all photos credited Richard

You gotta love. The Aussies have SUP tug of war and rumor has it SUP Maestro of the Pacific Northwest Tonia Farman is bringing back SUP Boxing- with costumes!

The 2011 SUP 4 Cancer will take place in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge that separates Oregon and Washington. Paddlers who partake in the SUP Endurance Race will experience everything from big swell to big scenery, offering some of the most stunning surroundings in any SUP race — forest-lined basalt cliffs, bald eagles, cascading waterfalls, and snow-capped volcanoes.

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