Paddle Monster – Global Paddling Events Update

Due to the current status of paddle races as a result of the COVID-19 situation, many races are being canceled or postponed.  Here at Paddle Monster, we’re doing our best to keep up with race statuses both local and global, but it’s difficult. At this point, we’ve taken our event calendar offline and highly encourage you to go directly to the source of the race or races you’re interested in to obtain the status.  Check out the race status on PaddleGuru or wherever your race is being organized.

How to Race When There Are No Races

Additionally, you may have seen, is that Paddle Monster has launched the Solo Voyager Race Series which is the first in a long series of global paddle races that Paddle Monster will be hosting in the future.  We have tons of plans, but we decided to move up our schedule to give everyone an opportunity to race in the age of “social distancing”.

voyager virtual paddle series

So check out and join our Solo Voyager series and check back often for other Paddle Monster training and exercise options on our site here as well as on Facebook where we’ll be posting and delivering Facebook live updates frequently!

Are You a Race Organizer? Thinking Virtual Event? If so, contact us.

If you’re a race directory or organizer, our platform may be just the way to repurpose, support and grow your event, during and beyond this pandemic. If your event has been canceled, postponed, or if you have one coming up that you want to have a virtual option in the Paddle Monster Solo Voyager Race Series, Contact us here for more information on how to make your virtual race a reality.