Meet Joe Paddler: Glen Barroncini

Today we welcome Glen Barroncini  as one of our "Joe Paddlers"
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Where do you SUP the most?   
 The Ocean , love getting out on the waves and surfing on the SUP. I also explore the back waters of the LowCountry and fish off my SUP.
What board do I ride? 
In the surf; Starboard 8-2 WP BC.,  Exploration; Starboard 12-6 x30 touring .
What Paddle do I use? 
Kialoa Methane
Have I changed boards and paddles since i started?
 Paddles, C4 at first then using  Kialoa since 09' ..  Boards;  I have been thru a lot of boards trying to find the best one for the surf we have here… As technology and design shapes have developed, advanced  & improved so has my taste for the new equipment…As an Athlete, you want to be the best you can be, so the equipment will reflect on your performance. Its fun finding the best for you..
Best piece of SUP advice you've gotten?
Go out and have some fun… 'John Denney,'' 
Weirdest thing that has happened to you while SUP'ing? 
Watching a school of a big Tarpon race towards me. Breaking the surface, stirring and turning up the water as they approach chasing tons of bait fish knowing the evolution of the food chain is present.  At the top of the food chain are sharks. This school was about 100 yards wide and three/ four hundred yards thick. Was a little frightened being 1/2 mile off shore. Your mind creates scenarios as your heart beats with nowhere to go…  An experience i'll always remember.
Favorite SUP nutrition?  
Protein shakes /fruit smoothies , Protein bars and Water.
Goals for 2014?
Continuing  to get out here and have fun. Live in the moment enjoying what I have, Family / Friends 
Favorite post-paddle nosh? 
First its Water, then a good Mexican meal.
Your favorite non-paddle thing to do?  
Playing beach Bocce with my friends and family. 
Where you were born and where you live now?  
Was born in NewYork ( Long Island)  and now live on Hilton Head Island , SC.  ( 18 yrs ) 
What is you occupation.?  
Was a Chef for 20 plus years, now part owner of a water sports company. SUP instructor and Marine Maintenance of companies equipment ..Still Chef from time to time.  
Who do you SUP with most often?  
My SUP surf buddies, Jesse, Scott, Jamie, John, RuRu, Brandon, Tim,  few others getting into it recently;  our Stand Up Surf  Crew.
What piece of SUP gear do you wish someone would invent ?  
Was invented. already, . a Hand insert.. The single most piece of equipment that allowed SUP boards to be transported  easily.. Back in 07'-08' hated putting the SUP over my head or shoulder asking to the water line..
16. What is your biggest challenge with SUP?
When teaching others to paddle or when I give SUP lessons, I take for granted and assume that every one is atheletically inclined and coordinated.  I forget not everyone is fortunate. I'm truly lucky an blessed ..
17. What is your proudest moment in a SUP, race or event?  
Raising just over $3800 for  Hospice.. Paddle for a Purpose event. 
18. Tell us about the best friend(s) you made through SUP?
SUP has allowed my close friends to become even closer. The new friends I've made thru SUP grow each day. We have a common interest that just grows and develops when paddling. We learn about one another every time we're SUP'ing and this allows us to share other interest outside of SUP forming a bond that continues to develop and grow.  Meeting new friends everyday and SUP is the catalyst to do so.. My SUP  OHANA'
What is your best SUP travel tip?  
Respect your travel destination, where ever it my be . Treat others the way you want to be treated.. Stay hydrated , bring sunscreen, and sun-cure repair kit. no fun when you cant get on the water.
Ask a Question you want  the Mullet Nation to answer ? 
      I have two… 
 How has your life changed since you started SUP'ing ? 
  How many people have you turned on to SUP? 
From Hilton Head, SC!