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This is the first episode of Westy Wednesdays, a radio segment Yolo Board Team Rider Michael Westenberger is calling in from Key West Florida each week on the Florida scene. We’re thrilled to have Westy be a part of RADIO CHUM and the Distressed Mullet. he is one of the true SUP pioneers in Key West and an amazing ambassador for the sport and Yolo Board. Again, I can’t express how lucky we are to have people like Westy in the sport and of course, on the Mullet and RADIO CHUM!

—The Mullet

Here’s Westy’s First report:

westyHey everybody in CHUM land, this is YOLO Team rider, Westy with the very first Westy Wednesday. And not only is this the first installment of the segment, but I’m calling in live from Swivel Group Headquarters overlooking Duval Street here in lovely Key West Florida.

First off, i want to touch on this past weekend. The Florida State Championships held in Coco Beach. This year was a very challenging 11 mile course that was worked out on the intracoastal. Most people remember the course it’s the first half of the 22-mile Causeway to Causeway Challenge.

I gave a report on the finishers earlier in the week, and now you can see the full results here. But what I really want to touch on is was the vibe of the event. By now everyone knows how much of a challenge it was. We had pretty much side winds 20-25 mph the entire 11 miles. That being sai, I still saw many excited paddlers at the event.  From our seasoned racers to people who were in their very first race, it really was a good good event and everyone was able to make the best of what mother nature dealt us and still have a great day out there on the water.

A HUGE shout out to John Hughes and his troops out there at the Cocoas Beach Surf Museum. Again, they ran a really great event, and of course we all know this officially kicks off the Florida Race Season. It was a great event this past Saturday.

Now for this upcoming weekend, April 14th and 15th, we have the Shark Bite Challenge in Dunedin, Florida. Saturday, all the OC-6 Teams battle it out in the morning. And then Saturday Afternoon, we have soem great stand up events. Stand Up Paddle Life is doing an intro to stand up and then I will be doing a stroke clinic. Spots are very limited. I think it’s down to 8 left. But check out their facebook at Sharkbite Challenge

On Sunday, all the OC-1s, Surfskis, Kayaks, and of course we have our standup races. They have both a 4-mile and an 8-mile race. So check them out online at the Sharkbite Challenge site or on their Facebook page.

What I’m really excited about for this event is the after-party hosted by Dunedin Brewery. Here in Key West, we don’t have too many microbreweries. The rumor is that they have a bacon-flavored beer. I’m pretty excited to try it and I’ll let you know how that turns out. It’ll probably be its own segment at some point.

So, the Shark Bite Challenge this upcoming Weekend

Now to come full circle. The reason I’m fortunate enough to be sitting on a deck overlooking  Duval Street on a Wednesday is that I had to stop in to Kristin and Kim at the Swivel Group, the two organizers behind the planning of the Key West Paddleboard Classic with me. This is the 15th annual Key West Paddelboard Classic event and it’s scheduled for May 10th to the 13th and they have lots of great events planned throughout the weekend. I don’t want to let too much out of the bag, but just check it out at the KeyWestPaddleboardClassic.com. In upcoming segments, we’ll have a lot more about what’s going on at the race. It should be great. We already have pre-registration open so register.



Shark Bite Challenge Website

Shark Bite Challenge Facebook Page

Swivel Group Facebook Page

Key West Paddleboard Classic

Sign up for Westy’s Stroke Clinic by calling: RSVP to: Karen with the Shark Bite Challenge (727) 510-3493

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