Demo everything Stand Up Paddle at the 2012 Carolina Cup Stand Up Paddle Race

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Carolina Cup Stand Up Paddle SUP Race

This is your chance to ride just about every major board manufacturer in the US and beyond. It is basically the Outdoor Expo of the East Coast. Boards, Paddles, gear. And it’s hands-on. Try it. Buy it. Use it. Take it home. Leave it on the beach so I can have it.

I am a HUGE ADVOCATE of trying boards before you buy them. This is your chance. If you always wanted to ride an M&M or Bark, get on one. If you always wanted to paddle a Kialoa, Quickblade, or Werner, you can. If you want to try to inflatable Uli, hop on. If you want to ride the new Yolo 14 Race board. Guess, what. You can ride that, too. I think you get the picture. It’ll be a great opportunity to see what fits you, what you like. On flat water. On the ocean. Try them. They buy from your local shops. Support your local shops.

At the Blockade Runner Beach Resort. 


And more stuff than you can shake a paddle at…

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